2018 Meeting Calendar

All Parish Council meetings are open to the public and commence at 7:30pm.

Members of the public who wish to speak on an item on the agenda must give notice to the Parish Clerk no later than 12 noon the day prior to the meeting being held. A public speaker invited to speak by the Chairman will be limited to five minutes (or ten if speaking on behalf of a group) in which to make representation.

Full council and the Annual Parish Meeting meetings are held at Pulborough Village Hall and committee meetings are held at the Sports Pavilion in Rectory Close.

Most Full Council meetings are preceded by a brief Planning meeting at 7:15pm (unless stated otherwise on the agenda) to discuss urgent applications.

Some Finance & Policy meetings may not be required.


All planning applications and associated drawings and correspondence can be seen at Horsham District's Planning Portal.

The Planning Portal also includes the opportunity to make comments.

Date Meeting
Click to read 04/01/2018 Planning & Services Committee minutes 4 January Planning & Services (Sports Pavilion)
Click to read 11/01/2018 Advisory Committee minutesClick to read 11/01/2018 Recreation & Sports Committee minutes11 January Recreation & Open Spaces (Sports Pavilion)
Click to read 18/01/2018 Planning & Services Committee agendaClick to read 18/01/2018 Full Council Meeting agenda18 January Planning & Services 7:15pm
Full Council (Village Hall)
Click to read 25/01/2018 Finance & Policy Committee agenda25 January Finance & Policy (Sports Pavilion)
 1 February Planning & Services (Sports Pavilion)
8 February Recreation & Open Spaces (Sports Pavilion)
15 February Planning & Services 7:15pm
Full Council (Village Hall)
22 February Finance & Policy (Sports Pavilion)
 1 March Planning & Services (Sports Pavilion)
8 March Recreation & Open Spaces (Sports Pavilion)
15 March Planning & Services 7:15pm
Full Council (Village Hall)
22 March Finance & Policy (Sports Pavilion)
 5 April Planning & Services (Sports Pavilion)
12 April Recreation & Open Spaces (Sports Pavilion)
19 April Planning & Services 7:15pm
Full Council (Village Hall)
26 April Finance & Policy (Sports Pavilion)
 3 May Planning & Services (Sports Pavilion)
10 May Annual Parish Meeting (Village Hall)
17 May Annual Meeting of the Council(Village Hall)
24 May Recreation & Open Spaces (Sports Pavilion)
 7 June Planning & Services (Sports Pavilion)
14 June Recreation & Open Spaces (Sports Pavilion)
21 June Planning & Services 7:15pm
Full Council (Village Hall)
28 June Finance & Policy (Sports Pavilion)
 5 July Planning & Services (Village Hall)
12 July Recreation & Open Spaces (Sports Pavilion)
19 July Planning & Services 7:15pm
Full Council (Village Hall)
26 July Finance & Policy (Sports Pavilion)
9 August Planning & Services (Sports Pavilion)
 6 September Planning & Services (Sports Pavilion)
13 September Recreation & Open Spaces (Sports Pavilion)
20 September Planning & Services 7:15pm
Full Council (Village Hall)
27 September Finance & Policy (Sports Pavilion)
 4 October Planning & Services (Sports Pavilion)
11 October Recreation & Open Spaces (Sports Pavilion)
18 October Planning & Services 7:15pm
Full Council (Village Hall)
25 October Finance & Policy (Sports Pavilion)
 1 November Planning & Services (Sports Pavilion)
8 November Finance & Policy - Precept (Sports Pavilion)
15 November Recreation & Open Spaces (Sports Pavilion)
22 November Planning & Services 7pm
Full Council (Village Hall)
 6 December Planning & Services (Sports Pavilion)