2017 Payments over £500

The Prime Minister and Communities and Local Government Department wish to see local authorities publish granular local spending data. Whilst details of every payment authorised by Pulborough Parish Council are included within the Minutes of all meetings, in accordance with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, the following are details of all payments authorised and paid which are in excess of £500.

Please note that payments are shown inclusive of VAT which is assumed to be recoverable from HMRC. If VAT is not recoverable, specific reference to this will be made.

Authorising Meeting Date Recipient Description Amount
inc VAT
05/01/17 Horsham District Council Business Rates Jan 16 £508.00
05/01/17 Arun Mowers Tractor service & Parts £3585.10
05/01/17 Horsham Matters Ltd Youth Worker Costs £3515.86
05/01/17 Computer-eyez (South) Ltd Annual webhosting charge £504.00
19.01.17 Pulborough Social centre Room hire & Quarterly Lease £1388.70
09/02/17 D Blunden Electrical Works at S&SC £2185.00
22/02/17 George Potbury Ltd Tree Surgery & Fence Repairs £900.00
09/03/17 ABA (Construction) Ltd Playground & Gym Inspection & Repairs £932.28
23/03/17 Southern Water Water Charges £773.78
06/04/17 Pulborough Social Centre Quarterly lease of Parish Office £1321.50
06/04/17 Horsham Matters Ltd Youth Worker Costs £3586.21
06/04/17 West Sussex ALC Ltd WSALC/NALC Subscriptions 2017/18 £1608.80
06/04/17 Horsham District Council Business Rates April £526.50
27/04/17 Professional Weed Solutions Ltd Ground Treatment Works £1290.00
27/04/17 Horsham District Council Business Rates May £524.00
18/05/17 George Potbury Forestry Ltd Tree Surgery £900.00
18/05/17 Auditing Solutions Ltd Audit Fees £504.00