Pulborough Parish Council

Pulborough Village Transport Plan

The plan was finalised in February 2010 and is now available for download.

It discusses the issues, the short and long term solutions and funding.

The project isn't completed of course. We now have to implement it.

Background and how we got there

Over the past few years, several new developments have taken place in the village from which contributions of over £200,000 have been secured towards improving and promoting more sustainable modes of transport for local residents.

As there was no overall plan in place for improving transport in the village, a Village Transport Plan working group was set up in December 2008, chaired by West Sussex County Council, with a view to discussing transport issues in the village and identifying schemes which would improve and encourage walking, cycling and public transport use both within the village and across the parish.

The task of the Village Transport Planning working group was to produce a Draft Village Transport Plan for public exhibition in June 2009. The Draft Plan would consider a number of immediate schemes for improving walking and cycling links in the village using the existing contributions but would also look at the longer-term transport needs of the village should further development and contributions come forward.

As part of this process, the views of local residents are welcome and can be made either directly to the Parish Council or to any of the following representatives sitting on the working group.

Regular updates relating to the progress on the Village Transport Plan have been provided in the Parish Council Quarterly Newsletter, the monthly Parish and Community News, Pulborough Parish Council's website, Dean Smith's website and at Parish Council meetings.

Exhibition 26-27/6/2009

Documents presented at the exhibition are listed below.

Pulborough Station

West Sussex County Council is working with Southern and Network Rail to improve bus facilities and pedestrian access at Pulborough Station. The eastbound bus stop on Station Road will be moved to outside the station building and modifications to the car park and roads will be made to allow the bus to manoeuvre safely. The junction of Station Approach and Station Road will be altered to improve pedestrian access by providing better crossing facilities and wider pedestrian areas.

There are currently two options under consideration:

These improvements will enable buses to manoeuvre around the station forecourt, improve safety for pedestrians and improve access to the station building.