Pulborough Parish Council


The Prime Minister and Communities and Local Government Department wish to see local authorities publish granular local spending data. Whilst details of every payment authorised by Pulborough Parish Council are included within the Minutes of all meetings, in accordance with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, the following are details of all payments authorised and paid which are more than £500.

Please note that payments are shown inclusive of VAT which is assumed to be recoverable from HMRC. If VAT is not recoverable, specific reference to this will be made.

Authorising Meeting Date Recipient Description Amount inc VAT
09/01/2020 Pulborough Social Cte Quarterly Rent 1,479.29
09/01/2020 Sussex Clubs for Young People Termly Youth Services 4,200.00
09/01/2020 Beechdown Arboriculture Ltd Various Treeworks 4,765.00
09/01/2020 PDCCA Grant 1,300.00
09/01/2020 Pulborough Cricket Club Grant 623.00
13/02/2020 Sussex Clubs for Young People Youth Services 1,119.00
20/02/2020 R Bartram Professional fees for Pavilion Rebuild 1,500.00
20/02/2020 Studio 5 Architects Professional fees for Pavilion Rebuild 1,012.94
26/03/2020 Arun Mowers Mower Service 2,073.88
26/03/2020 Horsham District Council Neighbourhood Warden Scheme 43,819.00
16/04/2020 WSALC Ltd WSALC & NALC Yrly Subscription 1,774.70
30/04/2020 Pulborough Social Cte Quarterly Rent 1,479.29
05/06/2020 ABA Construction Inspection & repairs to play equipment 701.94
09/07/2020 Sutcliffe Play Games Wall Repair 985.39
09/07/2020 Auditing Solutions Ltd Internal Audit 534.00
09/07/2020 Pulborough Social Cte Quarterly Rent 1,479.29
29/07/2020 Keen Fencing Replacement Fencing at NCRG 1,710.00
13/08/2020 Derek Paxton Roof Sealant for Pavilion 1,930.00
13/08/2020 West Sussex County Council Street Lighting Maintenance 6,060.23
13/08/2020 Business Stream Water Rates for Pavilion 1,503.45
14/09/2020 RJB Haulage Mixed Waste Grab Removal from Pavilion 660.00
24/09/2020 ABA Construction Playground Repairs 570.60
30/09/2020 Came & Company Local Council Insurance Scheme 4,654.54
08/10/2020 Studio 5 (London) Ltd Pre-application fee for Pavilion Plans 710.00
15/10/2020 Burgess & Randall Ltd Chipper Hire 525.00
Total 87,170.54