Pulborough Parish Council


The Prime Minister and Communities and Local Government Department wish to see local authorities publish granular local spending data. Whilst details of every payment authorised by Pulborough Parish Council are included within the Minutes of all meetings, in accordance with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, the following are details of all payments authorised and paid which are more than £500.

Please note that payments are shown inclusive of VAT which is assumed to be recoverable from HMRC. If VAT is not recoverable, specific reference to this will be made.

Authorising Meeting Date Recipient Description Amount inc VAT
06/01/2011 J Randall Bowling Green Maintenance for November & December 2010 860.62
13/01/2011 Pulborough Social Centre (Village Hall) Office Lease for quarter ending March 2011 and meeting room hire 534.70
27/01/2011 Anderson Longmore & Higham Legal fees for lease work 1,056.35
10/03/2011 P Benham Drainage Works Pavilion 4,776.00
28/04/2011 Studio 5 Architects Pavilion Refurb Interim Payment 1,864.03
19/05/2011 AON Insurance 3,733.39
19/05/2011 Came & Company Insurance 2,318.42
16/06/2011 WSCC Lighting Contract 3,905.64
16/06/2011 Sutcliffe Play Basketball/Football Goal 10,171.12
07/07/2011 Queensbury Shelters Ltd Removal damaged bus shelter and make good ground. 1,020.00
07/07/2011 Studio 5 Architects Interim Payment Fees Pavilion Refurbishment 1,827.92
29/09/2011 Studio 5 Architects Professional fees Pavilion 1,876.51
29/09/2011 SSE Contracting Play Area Lighting 3,654.04
06/10/2011 Shelutions Bus Shelter 5,448.00
06/10/2011 RICOH Photocopier Lease 532.56
06/10/2011 Pulborough Social Centre Lease Oct/Nov/Dec 2011 and Room Hire 20/10/11 525.30
13/10/2011 S R Brierley Landscapes Ltd Concrete Bases under Benches in Play Area 936.00
03/11/2011 Horsham Floorings & Furnishings Sports and Social Club Insurance Claim 4,228.46
08/12/2011 Pulborough & District Community Care Association Grant 1,300.00
08/12/2011 St Mary's Church Grant (graveyard maintenance) 1,000.00
Total 51,569.06