Pulborough Parish Council

About our Wardens

Our Neighbourhood Wardens, in collaboration with partner agencies, strive to enhance the quality of life for all residents, fostering community cohesion and resilience. Their diverse roles encompass both enforcement and community development activities.


Here are the ways our wardens contribute to the community:


Support youth activities: Wardens encourage and assist in the establishment of activities and programs for young people.

Aid vulnerable community members: They work to prevent isolation among vulnerable residents by offering support and connections to relevant services.

Offer safety advice: Wardens provide guidance on crime prevention.

Provide a reassuring, uniformed presence: Wardens patrol the neighbourhood, offering a visible sense of security and reassurance.

Serve as vigilant eyes and ears: By actively observing the area, wardens help reduce the fear of crime and improve overall quality of life.

Address environmental crimes: Wardens tackle issues such as dog fouling and littering, contributing to a cleaner, more pleasant environment.

Collaborate with partner agencies: They work alongside various organisations to benefit the community and act as professional witnesses when needed.


However, it is important to note what our wardens are not:


They are not a replacement for the police: Wardens support but do not substitute law enforcement. Any crime should be reported to the police.

They are not an emergency response team: Wardens are not equipped to handle emergency situations.

They do not operate 24/7 nor Full Time: There will be days in the week when wardens are not on duty.

They do not provide care services: Wardens can direct elderly and vulnerable individuals to appropriate agencies but do not offer direct care.

They are not parking wardens: Wardens do not have the authority to issue parking tickets nor breaches of parking regulations.


Pulborough Parish Council fully supports our Wardens and will not tolerate any form of abuse directed towards them. Due to cutbacks in other organisations, our wardens often face more pressure than should be expected. Despite these challenges, they remain dedicated to building a safer, stronger, and more connected community.