Pulborough Parish Council

A283 Stopham Road/Station Road Closure Update

26 March 2024
West Sussex County Council

The site was visited today and, whilst the water level has dropped, it is still higher than required for the necessary work. The contractor has a meeting planned tomorrow to assess the site, water levels and potential commencement time line.

The work required may be summarised as:

The remainder of the old brick culvert is to be removed (by hand, due to the close proximity of utility service assets)

The bedding for and new polymer culvert pipe is to be installed, with concrete surround

The relief trench, created to divert water flow, is to be reinstated

The road is to be reinstated

The option of road plates and temporary bridges for a period into the summer has been examined. Both are cost prohibitive, costing far more than the works required to deliver the overall rehabilitation scheme, partially due to the traffic management required, including the necessary restriction of larger vehicles.

The use of a high volume pump to disperse water away from the affected area has been assessed as carrying too high a level of risk of flooding to third party (privately owned) adjacent land, which is already saturated.

The question of examining the overall management of the drainage basin catchment area remains a matter for investigation. I will request that the Riparian Team which has recently been appointed by WSCC assess this locality.

A rumour has been circulating lately that subcontractors are commuting from Southampton and only working a partial day because of travel time. This is untrue. WSCC understands the priority of these works to the local community, as does the contractor; both are committed to delivering the works required and re-opening the road asap.

WSCC will provide an update separately regarding emergency repairs to local roads.

Many thanks

Yours sincerely

Cllr Charlotte Kenyon

West Sussex County Council

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