Pulborough Parish Council

Attention Pulborough Residents!

24 June 2024
Pulborough Parish Council

We have been informed by Rothamsted Research that the fall armyworm, a moth caterpillar known for causing considerable damage to maize crops, has been detected in Suffolk this year. As the adult moths are expected to be emerging now, we need your help to protect our local maize crops.

The fall armyworm moth is fairly nondescript, but you can identify it by a distinct small white marking on its upper wing.

What to look for:

A small white marking on the upper wing of the moth.

If you spot this pest in your gardens or fields, please let us know! Your vigilance is crucial in preventing potential damage to farmers' crops.

Report sightings to us: 01798 873532

Thank you for your support in keeping Pulborough's agriculture thriving!