Pulborough Parish Council

Exciting News from Nutbourne Common!

01 May 2024
Pulborough Parish Council

Did you know that we manage this incredible space right here in Nutbourne? Many aren't aware of the vital work happening behind the scenes to preserve it.

Thanks to the amazing efforts of the South Downs National Park volunteer group, Nutborne Common is thriving! They're dedicated to preserving the heather that graces this unique heathland. By removing invasive brambles and carefully trimming branches, they ensure the heather gets the light and nutrients it needs to flourish without competition.

Working hand in hand with the South Downs National Park Authority has been an absolute joy. Their team of volunteers, led by the fantastic Dominic (pictured in the middle), has poured their hearts and souls into maintaining this historic site.

A huge shoutout to Councillor Jilly Marcuson (pictured left), whose hard work and coordination have made this collaboration possible. And let's not forget Frank Riddle (pictured right), our beloved parish councillor and Nutbourne historian, whose dedication to our community shines through.

Together, we're making Nutborne Recreation Ground a haven for both nature and community. Here's to many more years of partnership and preservation! 🌳🌼#NutborneRecreation #CommunityEffort #PreservingOurHistory