Pulborough Parish Council

The Parish Council welcomes its newly appointed Clerk

01 August 2023
Pulborough Parish Council

Pulborough Parish Council welcomes its newly appointed Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer, Harry Quenault, who officially assumed his role on 1st August 2023. In an introductory letter to Pulborough's stakeholders, Harry expressed his excitement and determination to drive positive changes for the village.

Bringing seven years of experience from various Parish councils, Harry aims to foster inclusivity, sustainability, and growth in Pulborough. He emphasized his commitment to collaboration, valuing community input, and cultivating transparent communication.

Harry stated, "I am honored to introduce myself as the new Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer of Pulborough Parish Council. I am thrilled to work with this vibrant community and embark on a transformational journey."

Recognising challenges as opportunities, Harry's vision focuses on innovative solutions and enhanced community engagement. He aspires to create an environment where ideas are celebrated, and collective wisdom contributes to meaningful changes.

Harry's dedication to effective communication and teamwork instills confidence in stakeholders, promising progress, and community-driven initiatives.

"I am enthusiastic about the possibilities ahead and the positive impact we can make together. Let us work towards a brighter future for our village," Harry concluded.

H Quenault Letter